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♦️The Empire is the biggest movement of IM Academy Germany.

It was founded in 2019 with the aim of being a role model in 3 areas: ​


1. Our values ​ The online business industry in Germany does not have the best reputation. The reason? Internet gurus with unrealistic profit promises. Dubious YouTube Ads à la Porsche Cayman S. Etc. Such offers without values ​​have no future and lead to skepticism in society.


♦️The Empire does it differently. “People over Profits” is the value we hold most dear. Our leadership ensures that each partner, customer or prospect is adhering to this value. Because with us, the focus is on the person and their life story, feelings and personality. Yes, a business is about making money, but without values ​​there can be no relationship on which a business can find its foundation. 2. Your induction With us, no one is thrown in at the deep end. We are aware that it is not easy to set up your own company alongside studies, training, work or school. You don't have to.


♦️The Empire has designed a well thought-out training system for this. Our leaders will take you by the hand every day. Your circumstances will be taken into account & we will show you how to build the business around your normal life & the whole thing step by step. This innovative system is responsible for our growth at the beginning of 2019 from 70 to now more than 2000 partners, each of whom started part-time at the beginning. 3. Our vision Vision is a word not to be spoken lightly. Our vision is therefore definitely meant seriously:


♦️The Empire will empower, enrich & educate more than 1,000,000 people hand in hand with IM Mastery Academy. That means we want to help you and a million people to build up freedom step by step in the long term. Be it financially, temporally, locally or socially. We want to be a movement that literally moves something in society. At a time when pensions are no longer secure, jobs are at risk and the gap between rich and poor is wider than ever, we want to make the difference. This isn't just an online business.


♦️The Empire & IM are the school of the 21st century.


IT's a revolution...

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